Playing Blackjack Early Payout with Live Dealers

Blackjack with early pay out lets multiple players play at the same seat, this greatly reduces the operating costs for the online casinos.  This game can only really be played online.  The payout percentage is too high (99.5%) for a land based casino to turn a profit and the math for the early pay out option would be too hard and time consuming to calculate at the table.
   At any time, as long as you are following basic strategy, you can take an early pay out based on the probability of you winning your hand.  You as well as an unlimited number of players can play a hand or up to three hands at the blackjack table.  You may think this would cause problems with dumb asses hitting when they shouldn't be, but don't worry.  The dealer will always play the player's hand based on playing perfect blackjack strategy, regardless of what a player chooses to do.  The only options a player will have is, he can stop and take an early pay out, he can stand when basic blackjack strategy says they should hit/double/split, he can hit when they should double down/split (although you will only get one card regardless of which option you choose if basic strategy says to double down).  Basically you can always take less cards, but you will never be able to hit when you should be standing.
    There are a decent amount of quality casinos that feature this game, mostly because it is a low cost game to operate, has an unlimited amount of players that can play a hand and it is also a popular game.  The top operators, depending on your location is the Bovada Casino (U.S. only), the Bodog Casino (Canada Only), Ruby Fortune (restricted in the U.S.), Bet Online and the sportsbook.  You can wager $0.50 to $5000 per hand depending on which casino you are playing at.

Casinos with Blackjack Early Pay Out Live Dealers

Why This Casino
Betting Limits
100% up to $1000
  • Live dealer bets
  • $5 BJ Early Pay Out tables
  • Great casino for the U.S. and Canada

How to Play Blackjack with Early Pay Out

Blackjack with early payout is a popular game at online casinos with live dealers, because it doesn't matter whether you are an experienced blackjack player or have never played blackjack before.  If you have never played before or if you are a blackjack perfectionist that gets angry when other players don't follow basic blackjack strategy, then this is probably the perfect game for you.
    The dealer will always deal the player's cards based on perfect blackjack strategy and the mathematically correct option will always be highlighted.  You do not have to choose the mathematically correct option, for example you can stand when basic strategy says to hit.  If you do this the dealer will deal a ghost card to you.  A ghost card is a card that will be dealt but won't count towards your hand.  This is done so that anybody else that is playing at your seat can get their next card.  Below we have the game play options for playing blackjack with early pay out.

Game Play

Much like a regular casino, you will need to pick your seat, but unlike a regular casino, you can play at multiple seats around the table, regardless of how many players are already playing.  Multiple players can play the same hand too, technically the entire population of the planet could be playing the same blackjack hand.  For the rest of the review, we will assume that you are going to sit at one seat at the blackjack table.
    Once seated, you will need to place a wager.  Much like a regular blackjack game, the dealer will deal out your first two cards and the dealer's first card face up.  The dealer will continue to deal out your cards, using basic blackjack strategy and then deal out his hand.  That's right, whether you stand, split, double down, hit or take an early pay out, the dealer will deal out the cards as if you are playing perfect basic blackjack strategy, the perfect strategy option will always be highlighted so you don't need print out a blackjack strategy chart for this game.
   That last option you have, might sound weird, but at any time, if you were following basic strategy, you can take an early pay out.  The early payout is calculated by the odds of you winning your hand based on your cards and the one dealer card showing.  These rules may sound confusing, that is why we have a variety of hand scenarios along with your playing options listed below, starting with the most basic hands.

Hand scenarios and your playing options

Basic strategy says to stand - You can either stand or you can take an early payout.  No matter what you choose, the dealer will not deal another card to you.

Basic strategy says to hit - You can either stand, hit or take an early pay out.  The dealer will deal you another card regardless of your choice, but it will only count if you decide to hit.  If you stand it will be a ghost card, which is a card that was dealt, but will have zero effect on your hand.  This may sound odd, but there can be multiple players playing the same hand, also this helps you from getting screwed on a hand because of a player that didn't use proper game play.

Basic strategy says to double down - You can either stand, hit, double down or take an early pay out.  The dealer will deal one card regardless of your choice, but it will only count if you decide to hit or double down.

Basic strategy says to split a pair - You can either stand, play a single hand and hit, split your pair or take an early pay out.  The dealer will deal the cards out as if you split the pair.  Depending on the cards that come afterwards, you could have multiple ghost cards dealt to you.

BJ with early pay out
Blackjack with early pay out