Playing Casino Holdem with Live Dealers

There are only a few online casinos that we reviewed, where you can play Casino Holdem with a live dealer.  Playing Casino Holdem at a live online table is a unique experience.  There is no computer program, or a random number generator used to sort the deck, but an actual live dealer that scans actual playing cards.  Multiple players can play the same hand, because there is nothing you can do to alter the outcome of the overall hand.  This helps keep the cost down, while giving many players the true live dealer experience while playing online inside their own home.
    There is only a few quality online casinos and even less if you from the U.S., that features Casino Holdem with a live dealer.   You can wager between $1 to $500 per hand depending on which casino you are playing at.

Casinos with Casino Hold'em Live Dealers

Why This Casino
Betting Limits
100% up to $1000
  • 100% deposit bonus up to $1000
  • Accepts Americans and Canadians
  • Large amount of casino games
$1 - $500
250% up to $1000
  • Bitcoin Casino
  • High betting limits
  • Large selection of games
$1 - $500

How to Play Casino Holdem

If you know how to play Texas Hold'em poker, you will not have a problem understanding the game play for Casino Hold'em.  The big difference is that you will not be playing against other players, but instead you will be playing against the house.  Much like a heads up poker game, the point of Casino Hold'em is to beat your opponent's hand (the dealer's hand).
    Much like the Texas Hold'em rules, the best five-card hand wins.  The dealer's best hand can compromise any of the community cards and the two dealer cards.  Your hand can use any of the community cards and your initial two cards as well.  You can only play at one seat at a time, but because your game play doesn't affect the sequence of cards dealt, an unlimited number of players can play at the same time when playing online.  This helps to decrease the minimum bet that you can play online substantially.
    Much like a regular casino, Casino Hold'em will be played with a regular fifty-two card deck and will be shuffled after each round.

Game Play

Much like a regular casino, you will need to pick your seat, this is true for any online casino.  The rest of game play may vary slightly depending on the online casino.  For this review we are using the game play rules for the Cloud Bet Casino.
    Once seated, you will need to place a wager on the "Ante" circle.  You can also bet on an optional side bet by placing your chips on the "Bonus" circle.  The side bet pays whenever the first five cards dealt is a pair of Aces or better and you have decided to call your ante bet.  The bonus pay out is 100:1 for the Royal flush, 50:1 for a straight flush, 40:1 for a four of a kind, 30:1 for a Full house, 20:1 for a flush and 7:1 for any hand that is a pair of Aces or better.
    After placing your ante bet, your two cards along with the first three community cards (the flop) will be dealt face up.  The dealer's two cards will be dealt face down.  At this point you must decide to "Call" of "Fold", this is the last time you will get to raise your bet.  By calling, you will be placing an additional wager that is equal to twice your initial ante bet.  Folding will forfeit your ante bet, but also note that folding will also forfeit any bonus bet winnings.  There are no more game play options beyond this point.  The dealer will continue to deal out the last two remaining community cards (the turn and the river).  The dealer's whole cards will now be flipped over.  At this point, any bonus bet winnings will be paid out to you.

Casino Hold'em Ante Bet Outcomes

First off, a dealer will only qualify if the dealer's hand is a pair of fours or better.  The payout will depend on whether the dealer has a qualifying hand.  If the qualifying hand condition freaks you out, don't worry the payout difference is nowhere near as severe as other qualifying hand games such as Caribbean Stud Poker.  Below we have the payout structure for a variety of scenarios.
    First off, if the dealer has a better hand than you, you will lose your ante and call bets.  If the dealer has the exact same hand, your bets will be returned to you.
    If you beat the dealer, but the dealer doesn't qualify, then you will have your call bet returned and your ante bet will be paid based on the following hands listed below.  You will be paid 100:1 for a Royal flush, 20:1 for a straight flush, 10:1 for a four of a kind, 3:1 for a Full house, 2:1 for a flush and 1:1 on any other hand.
    If the dealer does qualify and you beat the dealer's hand, then your ante bet will pay the same as mentioned above and you will have your call bet paid out 1:1 regardless of the type of hand that you have.

Casino Holdem with live dealers